Places to Eat in Denver - It's Worth Trying

In an effort to share more of what I have been up to and enjoying in life lately, I decided I wanted to start a new Friday series here on my blog called “It’s Worth Trying”. I am all about sharing things with friends and family that I feel is worth trying and that I’ll try again. Check back each week to see what I’ve been doing and things I think are worth trying. This week I am focusing on food around Denver.

How I Found Freedom in Being Myself

I have always been a fairly quiet person. I’m not big on having the spotlight on me or of dominating a conversation. I’m a better listener I guess. Like in meetings, sometimes I may have things to say but by the time I say them someone else says it first. I guess that is just a part of being an introvert. I think about things a little longer before I say them. 

When I was younger I didn’t know what the word “introvert” meant.  I thought I was just shy, but I’m really not. I used to think that I needed to be more outgoing and talk more to be accepted and fit in. For some reason quiet people sometimes get the rap of being weird ha! I mean I am weird, but that’s not why I’m quiet LOL.

Five Bible Passages To Remember When Life Gets Hard

Sometimes life can be really hard. There are days when I feel like I’m not sure I can pull through. Some days I just want to stay in bed under the covers and pray that everything will be all better and come out once it is. I believe it's days like this when it is even more important to get moving. It’s days like this when we really have to lean into the promises of God and trust His word.

Today I wanted to share five verses to remember and reflect on when life gets hard. Sometimes we just can’t do things in our own strength but when we put our faith in God and trust his promises or just allow Him to carry us, we will make it.

Things I've Done To Improve My Morning Routine

It is often believed that you are either a morning person or you are not. I like to think that anyone can become a bit more of a morning person with a little practice and by implementing some simple habits. Today I wanted to share some ways I have been able improve and to enjoy my mornings more. These things also make the mornings run a little more smoothly. 

What Does The Bible Say About Health and Self-Care?

God cares about us and our health. He wants us to take care of our bodies. I have searched the scriptures and compiled some of scriptures that I reflect on to stay encouraged along my health and self-care journey. I hope they can help and encourage you as well. Some of these scriptures may not have been written with health in mind, but I am a firm believer that Gods word is timeless and can be applied to any area of our lives when we need it to be. 

How I Decluttered Without Getting Overwhelmed

When you have anxiety you worry, that's basically what the word means. The last thing a person with anxiety needs is something else to worry or get overwhelmed about. What am I going to wear? What color should I pick? Which shoes look best? Where should I put this or that? These are all questions I can do without considering each day. Because of this several years ago I adopted a minimalist lifestyle and I love it.